LITTLE ROCK, Ar. — September is Hunger Action Month and the Arkansas Foodbank is asking for everyone’s help to give food to those who need it. Arkansas ranks second in the nation for food insecurity.

One in five Arkansans struggle to provide enough food for their family.  

A food bank spokesperson said the volunteers are kind of like the heart and soul of the place. Thursday, we met Eugen Tenander, he’s a volunteer at the Arkansas Foodbank in Little Rock. 

“Keeping things organized, keeping people organized and making sure everything’s okay is kind of part of what I do,” Tenander said.  

As Tenander talked about his job and gave a tour of the efforts at the food bank, you could hear the excitement in his voice.  

“When I came here, I didn’t know what I’d be doing but I’m really enjoying coming here,” Tenander said.  

He’s been volunteering for three years after retiring from his job. The Boston native said he moved here to Arkansas about 20 years ago.  

“I was doing things for myself but also I decided that were things that I really wanted to do volunteer wise,” Tenander said.  

It’s different from Tenander’s previous job working with computers but he said he likes physical work.  

Tenander was recently named Volunteer of the quarter for his hard work and dedication.  

He spoke about where his inspiration for volunteering comes from.  

“When you see how much a need there is out there,” Tenander said. “And how much people really appreciate it and I think that’s what really hit me.” 

He said the icing on the cake is the team he gets to work with.  

“I really like working for my boss here and I really enjoy meeting people and seeing the different types of people that come for volunteering,” Tenander said.