LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Taylor Swift’s “Eras” Tour had many fans waiting multiple hours for the chance to get tickets.

Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour has 52 show dates across the U.S. The show is angled towards a throwback of all her albums.

Tickets went on sale Monday and Ticketmaster’s website wasn’t prepared for the traffic.

Two Arkansans waited nine hours for their chance to see their favorite artist.

“You just have to remember what you are in line for, and think ok I’m going to get tickets, I’m in line, I just have to wait,” Kaylee Lawrence said.

Lawrence mentioned she would go to all of Taylor’s shows, if possible.

Taylor Whitaker, another fan excited for the chance to see Swift, was sure the wait was more than worth it.

“I was looking through outfits trying to figure out what I want to wear to the concert,” Whitaker said.

Both fans were able to snag tickets and will see her for the first time.

Ticketmaster apologized for the issues, and thanked customers for being patient as they navigated the high demand.