LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It is crunch time for Barrett Baber, as we are just hours away from night one of The Voice finale.

“There’s 20 other people that are back here at this hotel that would’ve killed for a chance to be in the top four. So, you know, the very last thing I ever do is complain about how hard I’m working or what my schedule is or how little sleep I’m getting. That’s part of the territory. It’s for a few more days and then it will be over and we’ll assess the situation and get back to work on trying to move forward as a musician, but no I haven’t got to do much LA stuff. I pretty much know what my hotel looks like and what the Universal lot looks like and that’s about it,” said Baber.

Barrett Baber is feeling pretty relaxed going into Monday night’s performances, but he was feeling “uptight” about it a couple of days ago. Then he got in the studio, ran through his songs, and is now just focused on putting on amazing performances.

“For me it’s been a lot of just memorization, working on songs, just trying to figure out the best way to sing songs, what key I should do stuff in, the cut of stuff, producing tracks that kind of thing. That’s been pretty intense… My voice is very tired and so is everybody else’s, you know. It’s like, you sing this much all day long and then you tack on top of that like the amount of sleep that you’re not getting and stress and some of the things that can really start to affect your voice and you really start to get tired and vocally you sound like that, but I ran through my song several times yesterday on stage with the staging and got to watch it back and I’m feeling really, really good about it,” said Baber.

Barrett will be singing two solos on Monday night, both will be available for download on iTunes, and both of those songs will count toward votes. Also, if you have downloaded any of his other live Voice performance songs on iTunes, those votes count as well. So if you did not download all of his songs, do that Monday night and each will count as a vote. You will still be able to vote for Barrett Baber on, NBC The Voice on Facebook, and by downloading The Voice app.