LOS ANGELES, Calif. – We are just hours away now from hearing Barrett Baber sing in part one of the live Voice finale.

He will be singing two solos tonight. Both of those will be available to download on iTunes and if you download either one, that will count as a vote.

This week as well you can still vote at NBC.com, NBC The Voice on Facebook, also by downloading The Voice app.

“The only way to win the show is if you get the most votes, and so it’s super important that people go vote for me if they want me to win. And I hope they will. I want to win. I’m really excited just to perform and you know, put a really cool moment and bow on the end of this great journey that people have gotten to watch unfold from the beginning,” Baber says.

And since the beginning, during all of his live performances, his songs have been available to download on iTunes. If you have downloaded any of those songs, all of those votes count to the final vote. It is a cumulative iTunes download, so that means any song in the past that he sang, if you have not downloaded it yet, do it tonight while you are watching the show because those will all count toward the final vote. And of course tomorrow night we will find out who will be named The Voice.