LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – On Friday, the opening of the Arkansas State Fair brought out a number of families. Many fair goers said they had an amazing time trying all the food, rides, and games. 

The fair featured over 50 food vendors and rides along with games. 

The preparation some organizers say took a year, like Gold’s Skillet who has been a food vendor at the fair for over several years. 

“The first day has been amazing. I have a smile on my face,” Chamara Smith, who works at Gold’s Skillet said. 

Smith said during the year while preparing the loaded up on meat and vegetables to make their reuben sandwiches. 

“We’re not slow at all; we have had someone walk up to us all the time,” Smith said.

When fair goers are not eating, they are mostly likely riding on rides. Shianne Dillon and Abigail Lun who are in their teens went to the fair together, they say the rides were a blast. 

“It was really fun, we have gone almost every upside down twisty ride here,” Lun said.

The other side to the fair is the livestock area, which 18-year-old Abigail Dolley said taught her all about exhibiting her steer. 

“Exhibiting is showing how they look and making them look pretty,” Dolley said.

The livestock director, Scharidi Barber, said most kids are exhibitors and it’s usually a family tradition. 

“We have 1766 as far as our exhibitors go and so it’s quite a few then their families with them and we have over 85 hundred entries this year,” Dolley said.

The Cole family says the fair also means family time where they can enjoy seeing animals and eating food. The last day of the fair is on Oct. 22.