NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – From Poyen, Arkansas to Nashville, Tennessee, and back to Arkansas, Justin Moore is making waves in the country music world. 

Justin was born and raised in Poyen (Grant County), but now he’s the reigning Newcomer of the Year in country music.

He travels all over the U.S. playing country music, but his concert over the last weekend in February was really something Moore.

“I can’t go anywhere in the country and call the Hogs and get the same reaction as I get out here,” Moore says.

He opened for country superstar Miranda Lambert at Verizon Arena in North Little Rock.  

“It’s fun to play all across the country. Radio has been good to us all across the country, and everywhere you go there are great fans. But it is never as exciting or rewarding to play anywhere as it is at home,” he adds. 

Justin has never shied away from his love of Arkansas or his favorite team, the Arkansas Razorbacks. In fact, at the show in Central Arkansas, the head football coach for the team, Bret Bielema, joined Justin on stage.

“Coach Bielema and I have become really good friends, and I’m proud that he’s leading our program in a way that’s respectable. And we are starting to see it, the end of last year, and I think next year we are going to see more and more positive things happen on the field,” says Moore.

Only in Arkansas will you find the heartbeat and the hometown of Justin Moore.