LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Many Arkansans will soon be joining with friends and families to watch a new series that honors the airmen who served our country during World War II. 

The series is The Apple TV+ series “Masters of the Air” which centers the story of the airmen who risked their lives as a part of the United States ‘100th Bomb Group’ during World War II. 

Chip Culpepper, President of the 100th Bomb Group Foundation said for years they’ve served as a resource for information during the series development. 

“They flew heavy B-17 bombers,” Culpepper said. “They are hitting industrial targets things like aircraft protection, oil refining, transportation things that would hinder the nazi war machine.”

Culpepper said the series means a lot to him because his father Conley served in the 100th bomb group during the war.

Culpepper said both he and his father are from Arkansas and although his father will not be portrayed in the series, another Arkansan is. 

“There’s Ken Lemmons from Pocahontas, Arkansas. He is one of the main characters,” Culpepper said.

He said that the group was able to accomplish a nearly impossible job. 

“Because a B-17 was not a pressurized airplane, you’re flying at 26-28 thousand feet, five miles up in the air in an open environment where you have to be on oxygen or where you will die,” Culpepper stated. “And then they are fighter airplanes shooting at you trying to shoot you down.” 

However, Culpepper said the group had a heavy sacrifice.

“They’re called the ‘bloody 100th’, they earned their nickname sadly because of their high losses and the causality rates,” Culpepper said.

The series casts a light on the brotherhood that bonded them together through heartache, bravery, and triumph.

“Masters of the Air” series is from notable names like Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. It is set to air on Apple TV+ on January 26.