LITTLE ROCK, Ark – There is a new party coming to the Capital City this summer, and organizers say it is going to be lit!

Mayor Frank Scott announced this week that the inaugural LITFest is planned for October 7 to 9 in downtown Little Rock.

The event will highlight the city through by combining live music, cultural programming, plus panelists on a range of topics from technology to economic growth in a festival format. The ultimate intent is to unite and celebrate Little Rock’s progress and diversity.

The LITFest website points out the “Lit” is not in reference to literature, but to something being “…cool and exciting, or just generally something you would want to experience.”

“Not only will this be a time for Little Rock residents to gather, this is also a citywide homecoming,” Scott said. “Keeping with that theme, there will be a special emphasis on spotlighting current and former Little Rock residents who are recognized as leaders in their fields to participate as performers and panelists.”

Little Rock has contracted with Think Rubix, a public affairs firm, to coproduce the festival. Previous events managed by Think Rubix was presidential inauguration events, national conventions, and according to its website managing the promotion of a millage increase for Little Rock schools which was passed in 2021.

“Think Rubix is excited to partner with the city to bring a new and exciting event to Little Rock,” Think Rubix Vice Principal Durwin Lairy said. “We look forward to providing a fantastic and diverse event which will aim to unite the city through a fun, educational and cultural experience that celebrates the collective appreciation of Little Rock.”