JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – The Jacksonville Police Department is issuing warnings and instructions for the expected traffic surge for the Thunder Over the Rock airshow this weekend.

The Oct. 21 and 22 show is expected to attract heavy traffic and cause delays, the JPD stated in a release. Delays will include traffic coming on and off the expressway coming into the city.

Based on experience with the airshow in previous years, police recommend drivers be prepared for traffic delays, including:

  • Check the air pressure in their tires and carry a spare
  • Make sure they have plenty of gasoline
  • Check their vehicle’s coolant levels
  • Pack bottled water and snacks for children
  • To not get out of their vehicles to see what is happening on the roadway when traffic is stopped.
    • Local law enforcement will be working to clear any accidents

The JPD also asks local drivers to avoid the North First and T.P. White intersection, as well as the John Harden Drive and Vandenberg intersection. Traffic and turn lanes at these intersections will be altered to help with traffic flow to and from the show, officials stated.

Local drivers can use the James Street overpass to avoid airshow traffic, JPD officials stated. If driving to Walmart, take the overpass and then left onto Gregory Street, and take consecutive rights onto Marshall Road, Vandenberg and John Hardin Drive, officials stated.

Arrivals from out-of-town should take different routes depending on if they are arriving from the north or south.

Northbound traffic from Little Rock:

  • Traffic exiting 67/167 at 10B & 11B exits northbound should flow onto T.P. White to Vandenberg.

Southbound traffic from Cabot:

  • Traffic exiting 67/167 at exit 11 southbound should flow onto North First Street to Vandenberg.

Officials said all arrivals to the city should anticipate delays as officers directing traffic will be working to avoid backups on the 67/167 expressway.