MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Guitarist Rickie Lee Reynolds of Black Oak Arkansas has died at the age of 72.


Friends and family confirm his passing on social media.

The 12 string rhythm guitar player suffered kidney failure and cardiac arrest at a Memphis hospital.

Lee had previously posted about being hospitalized for COVID-19.

Reynolds was a founding member of the influential rock band Black Oak Arkansas, who toured heavily starting in the 1970’s and had three gold albums.

Rickie Lee Reynolds was born in Manila, and went to high school in Monette, near Jonesboro, along with other members of the band.

He had been hospitalized in Memphis since August.

American Southern rock band Black Oak Arkansas, UK, 16th May 1974. From left to right, they are drummer Tommy Aldridge, bass player Pat Daugherty, singer Jim ‘Dandy’ Mangrum, and guitarists Rickie Lee Reynolds, Harvey ‘Burley’ Jett and Stanley Knight. (Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

“I want to thank each and every one of you for your outpour of compassion and care. It had me in tears to see all of the love for my father, and I know he would have a hard time fighting them back himself.

This is so difficult to have to share, but every single one of you meant the world to him. Unfortunately, last night he suffered another cardiac arrest, which they were unable to resuscitate him from. We are all heartbroken by this massive loss, and the whole world feels colder and more empty without his presence among us. 

Please take a moment of silence today to remember all of the love he gave to the world, and take some time to give back some of those wonderful feelings that he gave us all in our times of need. Share his greatness with another today, and help make the world a better place, just as he did. Let’s shine his light upon all around us. Look at something beautiful today and truly appreciate it deeply in your soul.

Thank you all. All of my love goes out to those who feel this overwhelming loss right now, just as I do. Please take heart in knowing he loves all of us, as much as we love him. And he felt that love every day in the center of his big ole heart. He will continue to feel that love, forever. Just as we will never forget the love he bestowed upon us.

If you feel so inclined, please feel free to share a story about how this majestic man left a bright spot in your personal life. I know he meant the world to me, now let the world know what he meant to you.

Again, thank you all. “

— Amber Lee, Rickie Lee Reynold’s daughter on Facebook