LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As one local artist thought he was done with his journey on the voice, John Legend saved local Arkansan Mac Royals.

After Royals began his journey on “The Voice” with Team Reba, with his family of support by his side, the time came for the Battle Rounds.

“My brain was like racing, my heart, my whole being,” Royals said. 

Royals explained that before the big performance, there was plenty of preparation.

“Weeks of me and Rachel just pounding it out, getting the best version of the song that we could,” he said. 

As Mac smoothly ran through notes like butter to try to continue his journey, the song ended. The moment came for Reba to decide who would move on to the next round of competition.

Reba went with Rachel, whom Mac was battling against, meaning his journey would be done without a coach saving him.

“I saw during that point in time, for him it was, okay, if this is what it is, this is what it is,” Royals’ mother Bertha Lowe said.

With barely any time for him to give final words, the buzzer went off and John Legend stole Royals, giving him a chance to continue on Team Legend.

“It made me feel so good because I felt like in that moment, he really understood me as an artist,” Royals said. 

Now with his new Legend jacket, he gets another chance to continue to the knockout rounds.

“I am, first of all, proud of the individual that Malcolm is and that I am proud of what he does,” Lowe stated.

The knockout rounds will air next week. The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights right on KARK 4.