LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas native Grant Bias takes the stage on NBC’s “The Voice,” competing for his chance to move on in the team Battle Rounds.

At just 24 years old, Bias has already moved around a few times. He was born in Little Rock but spent some of his childhood in Florida before coming back to Arkansas. His formative teen years were in Pine Bluff. He lives in Tennessee now but said Arkansas will always be his home.

“Arkansas will always be home because that’s the place where I always come back,” Bias said.

On this season, there might be none more unique than that of Grant Bias. His different sound and moves drew him to choose Gwen Stefani as his coach.

Following his blind audition, Stefani called it a “shocker” she was picked over Reba McEntire who also turned her chair.

In his second performance, Stefani said of Bias, “I’m so curious about you. You’re just so weird and like cool.”

The Pine Bluff prospect has spent most of his life on stage. He said it started in church because his father, Tim Bias, had worked as a music director for over 25 years in central Arkansas churches in Hot Springs, Little Rock and Pine Bluff.

By the age of four, Bias had already sung solos. He and his twin brother played instruments in the band. As a teen, Bias added his vocals to his drum performance.

“Pine Bluff just has a great music scene that people just have no idea about, man, and they’ve got a ton of musicians down there that really cultivated my musicality to what it is today,” Bias stated.

“It’s a tight-knit circle, and they’re really good,” Tim Bias added.

According to Bias’s parents, he got his good ear from his mom, Leonna Bias, and his analytical side from his father.

“I graduated from Adkins. That’s all we did was music when I grew up,” Leonna said. “He (Tim) came from Oakland, so he brought that genre with him, and so there’s no telling what will come out.”

Tim Bias said God always comes first in what either of his sons are doing. He remembers well what Bias told him before the blind audition.

“He said, ‘Dad you know when I do this I’m not going to be cheated. I’m going to up there and I’m going to give it 100%,’” Tim said.

Bias is one of two contestants on this season of “The Voice” with Little Rock ties. Mac Royals and Bias knew each other before the show, even being friends on social media.

“We did gigs in passing and we’d seen each other but never officially met, so this was the experience that brought us together,” Bias explained. “We hit it off right the second that we met each other.”

Bias said that Royals will be a “buddy for life.”

Bias’s team Battle Round airs Monday at 7 p.m. Royals will compete on Tuesday at the same time. Bias promises his fans if everyone keeps watching there’s so much more to be seen.

“Thank you, guys, so much for all your support. I hope I make you guys proud. I want to make the Natural State proud, and I’m sure I’ll do that,” Bias stated. “Keep supporting me. Keep watching the show, and there are some cool things in store so get ready.”