LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A tradition of more than 100 years here in Arkansas has been canceled again due to COVID-19.

The producer of the show ‘Gridiron’ said this time, that it’s because of a rise in positive cases among cast members.

Other than COVID-19 canceling the show in 2020 and again this year in 2022, the only other interruption to the show was during World War II.

“We were unable to have the show in 2020 because of Covid, so this is just a repeat of that,” said cast member, Allison Wilson.

The show takes place every two years, and it is not your typical one. A cast full of attorneys pokes fun at politicians of every party – at the national and local level here in Arkansas. All while proceeds benefit law school students in the state.

While Wilson said she is surprised and disappointed to see the virus cancel their show for the second time now, she said Gridiron is not going anywhere long-term.

“We’re just stashing those jokes and going to come back in 2024- if not before then- better and stronger and funnier than ever.”

Wilson said the cast is hoping to potentially put the show together in some different type of format before the general election in November. If not, they look forward to taking the stage again in 2024.