LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A couple in Mississippi was surprised to receive Pulaski County voter registration cards despite moving from Little Rock three years ago.

“I’m registered to vote in Little Rock, but I’m a resident of Oxford, Mississippi,” said Bill Gurley.

Bill and Cathy Gurley lived in Little Rock for 30 years, but they moved to Mississippi after he was offered a job at Ole Miss. They voted in the 2020 election after their move.

When Bill Gurley checked his mailbox Monday, he found new voter registration cards from his old state.

“What we found interesting was our actual Mississippi address on an Arkansas, Pulaski County voters registration card,” Cathy Gurley said.

After updated census numbers prompted redistricting measures, around 230,000 voter registration cards were mailed out, said Terri Hollingsworth, the Pulaski Co. Clerk. Some people shared the same experience with the Gurleys because voters are tasked with updating their information. 

“They had not updated or told us that they did not want to be on the voter rolls again,” Hollingsworth said.

At this time, a database that counties can pull relevant voter data does not exist.

“There’s not something we at the county level have with each state to find out if somebody has moved to that particular location, whether or not they voted,” Hollingsworth said.