ROSE BUD, Ark. – The Rose Bud School District is headed into a new school year with a new way to hold its students accountable.

The High School Principal Jonna Moore said last year several students had issues with turning in assignments.

“It wasn’t a skill problem, it was will,” Moore said. “They weren’t getting their assignments done.”

Moore said it’s an issue they’ve seen since the pandemic. This year they’re trying to get rid of it once and for all.

For the last couple of weeks, Moore has been spending her lunch period in the classroom. It’s all part of an Academic Intervention Program.

Students who fail to turn in an assignment will have to spend lunch with Moore the next day, using that time to complete their assignments.

“They don’t want to eat lunch with the high school principal, they want to be social,” Moore said. “So that’s just another opportunity and reason we’ve given them to get their work done and practice on those skills they need.”

Moore says she has already seen improvement in student attitudes toward classwork, and she hopes that continues.

“If we hold them accountable here, that just transfers over into their life after school,” Moore said.

Moore said that the program will continue through the year.