LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – There are lots of changes in the making on the campus of the Little Rock Trojans, many of which are in the athletics department. 

For 31 years the Trojans have been a part of the Sun Belt Conference but now the sun has set.

Beginning this upcoming school year, Little Rock will be a part of the Ohio Valley Conference, a conference George Lee, the Director of Athletics says, “was the right fit.”

Little Rock is among three new additions to the OVC alongside Lindenwood and Southern Indiana. 

“It gives us the opportunity to compete with regional schools that spend the same amount of money on athletics.”

If you were wondering, the in-state rivalry between Little Rock and Arkansas State will continue. 

The programs signed a 4-year agreement and will alternate home courts each year during non-conference play. 

Lee says switching conferences is great for the Trojan student-athletes and fans, as all but one member of the OVC is located less than 500 miles from Little Rock’s campus. This will generate less travel time, missed class, and expenses and more support from fans.  

The more time that we can keep them off the road and keep them here at the university, studying, practicing and doing all those things, I think the better off we are,” said Lee. 

And with a new conference, comes a new court with a new logo. Little Rock will be getting a new court design after keeping the same one since 2005 when the Jack Stephens Center opened. 

Also, the men’s and women’s basketball teams are getting new locker rooms. 

Head men’s basketball coach, Derrell Walker says he is excited for the new beginning in the Ohio Valley Conference. Walker is into his 5th season, and he loves the changes he sees. 

It’s going to be totally different than it was. This place was built in 2005 and it was time for an update,” said Coach Walker. 

The biggest “update” to the program would be the two 60-foot-wide video boards that will be located on each end of the court. 

It’s safe to say Coach Walker is very excited about that. 

“This video board is top of the line. I can’t wait till it starts operating so I can take a look at it.” 

Going into her senior season, Angelique Francis takes pride in the changes coming to her future alma mater. 

“It’s amazing that I get to be a part of it. It’s my senior year and I get to see it. It’s a lot of changes happening and a lot more to come,” said Francis. 

To add to the list of renovations, a new academic services center is being built.