LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – No matter if you’re a kid, teen or adult, a sense of belonging is pivotal to performing well. 

UA Little Rock, faculty and students look to provide that environment for everyone. 

College is a place that hopefully leaves memories and friendships that last a lifetime. 

Senior, Delaney Lyon says UA Little Rock made her feel welcomed and a part of the trojan family as a freshman, from the students to the staff. 

“You’ve always got someone to talk to. You can always ask questions and they’re so welcoming when you walk in the door.”

Many students walk through the doors of the student center where Rodolfo Morales is in charge. 

Morales says he takes pride in making UA Little Rock a home away from home for students.

Inside the Student Center, swimming, basketball, lounging and more are what students have access to. But even with the number of activities already in place, Morales says he’s always looking to give students more.

“We’re here for the students and whatever they want to see then that’s what we try to bring to the forefront for them.”

Whether it is entertainment or inclusion UA Little Rock is focused on both. 

Melvin Beavers with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion says UA Little Rock strives to be a place where all different identities of people feel comfortable. 

“Our overall goal is to let students know that if there is a problem, you have somewhere to go,” said Beavers.

Beavers adds that UA Little Rock’s commitment to diversity and inclusion isn’t just rhetoric. 

“We want to make sure we’re doing things that are action-oriented,” he adds.

By “action-oriented,” Beavers explains that by releasing statements to stand with a group suffering. Also, celebrating with groups during certain months or holidays. 

Another example Beavers says one of the many celebrations UA Little Rock has started to make an inclusive environment is their Inaugural Juneteenth event that kicked off this past June. 

“You come and feel validated, and you feel a sense of dignity and feel like you’re a part of something special.”