LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – UA Little Rock hopes to eliminate the number of times someone says, “I didn’t go to college because it was too expensive.”

The university is committed to providing quality education at a good value. They believe cost shouldn’t be the reason for not pursuing that education.

For incoming freshmen, UA Little is offering half of tuition and fees.

Jonathan Coleman, Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships says to be eligible for half off, you must be admitted as an incoming freshman and enrolled in 12 or more credit hours for fall 2023.

Students with institutional scholarships of $5,000 or more are not eligible. 

For all UA Little Rock’s institutional scholarships, students don’t have to apply for them. “Once they apply for admission and are admitted, they are automatically considered for our scholarships,” Coleman said.

For students who receive half off and the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship, they can get a bachelor’s degree at UA Little Rock for just $14,000. 

The deadline to apply for the Arkansas academic challenge scholarship is July 1st. 

“Not only is it getting more affordable but you’re having to borrow less money so there is less student loan debt when you complete your degree,” Coleman said.

UA Little Rock has also made it easy for all students to apply for thousands of scholarships around the nation with Scholarship Universe.

Scholarship Universe Is a software that automatically matches students with scholarships they are eligible for. 

Coleman said since January 1, UA Little Rock students have filled out over 9,000 applications “that before we implemented Scholarship Universe, they didn’t have access to.”

Incoming freshmen must have both a high school transcript and standardized test scores on file with the office of admissions to be considered for scholarships.