LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – No matter what degree you are trying to earn, it can cost a pretty penny.

At UA Little Rock there is a program to assist those thinking about enrolling in graduate school. 

The grad school at UA Little Rock has 55 grad programs to choose from. 

Associate dean of UALR Grad school, Karen Kuralt said she has “seen people go from not being happy in their careers to finding what they were really meant to do.” 

And that’s why in 2021,  the Get Your Feet Wet Scholarship was started to assist students who were on edge about enrolling in grad school. 

Students may be awarded up to an entire 3 credit hour course worth of tuition in their first semester of grad school.

Kuralt says the scholarship is designed to “encourage students who don’t already have financial support of some kind to try out graduate school and see if it’s right for them.”

Ben Savana is a UA Little Rock grad student who benefits from the Get Your Feet Wet Scholarship.

“I am so glad I was able to receive the Get Your Feet Wet Scholarship. It’s helped me a lot to afford my textbooks,” said Savana. 

To be eligible, you have to already be fully admitted to a grad program and then just simply fill out the application. 

Kuralt says the application only takes about 5 minutes, and if accepted she bets that students “will come in and find out they absolutely love graduate school.”

Savana says he defiantly does,  even with choosing a different program from his bachelor’s degree and also working a job. 

“Everyone at UA Little rock is familiar with the challenges that grad students have and they want to give you the tools to succeed.”

Those interested have 2 months to enroll and submit their application for the program. 

The deadline is January 9.