LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – School may be out for summer break, but many students are still on campus at UA Little Rock.

The future of UA Little Rock filed into the Student Center for new student orientation. 

“I love seeing new students come in. I love seeing them grow from being a high school senior to their freshman year,” Trojan Transition and Assistance Center Director Leah Ford said.

Ford said new student orientation helps with building the Trojan community and getting incoming students comfortable.

“I hope that students take from today a sense of community and belonging here, and this is a home base for them,” Ford stated.

Students were greeted with smiling faces as they learned more and more about their future campus.

Ford said students learn a ton of campus information at the 5-hour event. They gain an opportunity to get a campus tour and learn more about housing opportunities.

At the different booths, students grabbed free stuff and got educated on financial aid, their academic college, majors and on-campus opportunities.

Ford said with people coming from all over, UA Little Rock hoped to make the new students feel welcomed and at home.

“It is a home away from home, so we hope they feel that,” Ford concluded.