NORTH LITTLE ROCk, Ark. — The need for free meals has greatly increased since the pandemic, and one North Little Rock non-profit knows this first hand as they serve 200 people per day.

Rainwater Holt and Sexton named the “River City Ministry” as this month’s difference-maker.

“We’re doing a lot more food than we used to do in the past,” Paul Wilkerson, River City Ministry Executive Director said.

Since the pandemic, the North Little Rock faith-based non-profit has shifted its focus to providing meals for those in need.

“We have a couple of hot meals every day, do food pantry every day,” Wilkerson said.

While the pandemic created challenges, it hasn’t stopped the ministry from doing what it does best, serve the community.

People come here for medical help, assistance with housing, clothing and other social services.

“It’s a wonderful thing to do to get up in the morning and know that you’re just going to try to help people have what they need or a better day or a meal they don’t have or medicine they don’t have,” Wilkerson said.

All the good they’ve done over the past 35 years is now being recognized by Rainwater, Holt and Sexton with the Difference makers 

“We had a big smile on our face knowing we’d been picked for that this week. But that’s really encouraging. We just really appreciate them and what they do for the community,” Wilkerson said. 

The ministry said they plan to use this money to help keep the A.C. on during the dog days of summer.