LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Erica Alcala was just one of nearly two dozen families that picked up a turkey box for Thanksgiving from F.E.E.D. First USA.

“It is very important because during the holidays they help out a lot,” Erica Alcala said.

F.E.E.D. First USA is a Little Rock non-profit. The group provides meals to 3,000 kids across 20 different sites daily.

“My kids really like the meals that they serve, too,” Alcala said.

The current focus was on turkey boxes with all the trimmings. The organization selected four families from its social media campaign and 17 families that they regularly serve to receive the turkey boxes.

“We do a whole lot more than feed,” Tasha Norwood, with F.E.E.D. First USA said. “We like to put the community and children first and our mission here is eliminating food insecurity one meal at a time.”

According to Feeding America, one in five children face hunger and being hungry can have a domino effect on a person’s life.

“Food insecurity is definitely a major economic issue that we are trying to solve and nobody can do it by themselves,” Norwood said.

That is why Rainwater, Holt & Sexton wanted to help by selecting F.E.E.D. First USA as this month’s Difference Maker and donating $1,000.

“I was very excited to know that they [Rainwater, Holt & Sexton] recognize what we’re doing in community,” Norwood said.

The community was also very grateful.

“I’m very thankful during the holidays when they [F.E.E.D. First USA] do this because I have five kids, as you can see, and it is sometimes hard to get stuff,” Alcala said.

F.E.E.D. First USA is about to start its Angel Tree program. The group also plans to host the 4th Annual Southwest Community Christmas Dinner later in December. Click here for more information on F.E.E.D. First USA.