Good News Matters: Women and Children First Help Victims of Domestic Violence

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LITTLE ROCK,Ark.–Women and Children First took 35,000 calls last year alone, from women who have been abused and need help.

They house hundreds of women every year escaping dangerous situations.

Because “Good News Matters” KARK 4’s Mallory Brooks tells the story of one woman who found hope in a desperate situation.

It is estimated one in three women will suffer abuse, a situation no one should ever be in.

“My daughter, my children and myself were in a situation. We had to file a police report. After that incident we had nowhere to go.”

One woman found hope when she most needed it at Women and Children First.

“This is a safe haven. For me it was a life changing situation.”

Women and Children First helps victims escape dangerous and even life-threatening situations, gives them a place to stay, safe shelter and a fresh start.

“The staff here is just unbelievable. From being physically abused and mentally abused. To know you are somebody and you have so much to offer.”

For this brave woman, her advice for others in the situation is to get out fast, no matter how scared you are, and to trust in God.

“Above all things,keep God first. Put Him first. Talk to Him. He knows by the time you get up in the morning what your day will be like.”

She is one of almost 600 women who were helped by Women and Children First in 2015.

Not only giving her a place to stay, she says she now has the freedom to live.

“They give you so much help and lift your spirits up and give you the tools you need to move on educationally, helping to bring your kids up better, counseling.”

“For me I can do things with my kids. Do things on my own. Grow as a woman.”

“There are a lot of women who do not make it. A lot of children out there without their mother and their fathers.”

She prays no woman ever suffers what she did, but if they do, Women and Children’s First is there to escape and provide a safe haven in time of need, turning victims into survivors.

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