LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  – Gunfire erupted in Little Rock’s River Market area Friday afternoon. Two people were taken into custody within moments after it happened, but police are looking for another person LRPD says ran away from the scene.

Bystanders called in the shooting to police at the intersection of Markham and President Clinton Avenue at 3:30 P.M. where cars and at least one business were hit by gunfire.

People who live in or visited the river market today told our station they were thankful no person was on the receiving end of any stray shots.

“Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop,” said Mike Long who remembered about nine shots when witnessed the shooting.

Two people shooting each other affected the lives of everyone around them in the River Market Friday. Cars were hit, and so was a business.

“Hopefully they are not going to try and top last weekend,” Mike said.

 Mike Long was enjoying lunch before becoming stranded. His car was behind police tape for hours. He says police out of uniform quickly took control of a dangerous situation.

“We had some detectives who were down in the River Market eating lunch,” Little Rock Police Department spokesman Eric Barnes explained.

A viewer submitted pictures showing what the police saw. Two people were arrested. A neon green shoe is believed to belong to the one that ran away.

“We do believe he was armed and right now it is really limited on what we have,” Barnes said after assuring the scene was safe Friday.

Nique Snow frequently visits downtown. She said, “It is making me really pay attention to my surroundings even more thinking we’re safe in broad daylight when it might be the case.”

With Little Rock violence making national headlines this week, it’s giving at least one tourist visiting from California a bad taste.

Johnny Lewis stated, “I just got off the plane and heard about these shootings and one of the perpetrators gets away. I mean it sounds a lot like Los Angeles County.”

It has everyone questioning why guns are being used to end conflicts.

Laura Marratt lives downtown and said, “The world has gone crazy. I mean people think it’s okay to use gunfire to solve problems.”

Lewis urged, “Do something about the person that is in the mirror. We can fix this Little Rock so I can come retire here.”

As of Friday night, Little Rock Police say the two people arrested have not been given any formal charges. When things change, you will find the latest information here.