CLARK CO. Ark. – A Glenwood man previously charged with and in jail for crimes against minor children had additional charges filed against him Wednesday.

Barry Alan Walker, 58, now faces 13 new charges involving crimes prosecutors said happened in two counties. In Pike County, charges were filed for sexual assault against four separate underage children. In Clark County, nine additional filings were made regarding nine separate children.

The charges filed Wednesday join others against Walker, all involving 31 separate children from 1997 to now in Pike and Clark counties.

Charges include rape, computer exploitation of a child in the first degree, producing, directing or promoting a sexual performance by a child, engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in visual or print medium, and distributing, possessing or viewing of matter depicting sexually explicit conduct involving a child.

These charges are in addition to charges filed against Walker after his June 9 arrest in Pike County. On that day Walker’s home was searched by the Pike County Sheriff’s department, the prosecutor stated. Seven firearms and thousands of homemade child pornography images were seized, as well as several thousand downloaded child pornography images.

Further charges were filed against Walker July 27, one in Pike County and four in Clark County. Walker was charged with rape against five minor children at that time, and additional felony charges like those filed June 9, according to the prosecutor’s statement.

Walker, currently held in the Pike County Detention Center, now faces a total of 34 counts of rape, 29 counts of computer exploitation of a child, 28 counts of producing, directing, or promoting a sexual performance by a child, and 29 counts of engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in visual or print medium.

The charges amount to 39 class Y felonies, 76 class B felonies, 17 class C felonies and 11 filings for sentence enhancement for offenses committed in the presence of a child.

Walker had once held a physician’s license. His license was suspended in 1999 after conviction for sexual misconduct with a child in Fort Smith.

Anyone with information in this matter should contact Clark County Sheriff Jason Watson, 870-223-3860, or Pike County investigator John Jones, 870-784-2591