CONWAY, Ark. – Two families in Conway waited months for an arrest for their loved one’s deaths, and now they finally have answers.

Both families said they feel so blessed to have an arrest because they know many families go years without.

After Derek Palmer and Raekwon Hull were killed in January, there were two arrests made in the case shortly after, with one person still out on the run. Now the manhunt is over after 19-year-old Tracey Patton Jr. was arrested in connection with the investigation on Sept. 15 in Minnesota with the combined effort of multiple law enforcement agencies.

Hull’s mother Chana Rosbia said she was thankful for the arrest.

“I’m grateful and yes it was a wait, but I have to put myself in other people’s shoes too because there are people still waiting,” Rosbia said.

Palmer’s sister Demetria Thompson said she was grateful there was finally closure.

“We get to have that peace and that closure when we lay down at night so I’m definitely grateful to all of those involved in bringing all of this to fruition,” Thompson said.

Rosbia described the phone call she got after the arrest.

“She said, ‘Well we caught him,’ and I was like, ‘Are you serious?’” Rosbia said. “I definitely cried tears of joy”.

“I am so grateful to the Conway Police Department and all of the law enforcement involved because you have so many cold cases,” Thompson said.

Rosbia said even though there has been one final arrest, the thing that lingers is the thought of getting the phone call her son had been killed.

“Just to see my son’s name in the news for his death really did something to me, but it was bittersweet,” Rosbia said.

For Thompson, she said it’s all about holding onto faith.

“We lose faith in situations like this, so I want to let those that have or experienced what we have gone through to really dig in and put your trust in God,” Thompson said.

According to Chana Rosbia, both of their loved ones were not the intended targets of the shooting, just innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire.

Now they are both making it their mission to reach families like them, and to end violence in the state of Arkansas.