HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – The man accused of kidnapping a 17-year-old in Hot Springs last week pleaded not guilty on all charges Tuesday.

Samuel Bolling Jr, 38, appeared in court in the Garland County Detention Center facing charges of kidnapping, aggravated robbery, first-degree false imprisonment and first-degree battery.

The judge issued a no contact order for Bolling to keep him away from the teen who he allegedly kidnapped last Monday.

Dayla Ferrer, 19, is also facing the same charges in this case.

Bolling and Ferrer are accused of kidnapping the teen after police said she was heading to her vehicle after leaving work. Fortunately, the teen was safely located a day after her alleged abduction.

Bolling is scheduled to appear back in court on June 28. Ferrer is scheduled for her first hearing Monday.