LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Alexis Oliver is just one of many people who were shot or shot at more than 24 hours around the Little Rock Metro Area Saturday and Sunday.

“Man… I didn’t see it coming and it actually knocked me out of my shoes,” said the man who was shot at the Mabelvale Valero, Alexis Oliver.

Sunday afternoon, Alexis Oliver and his brother had just left home to grab some drinks.

“I went in the corner store. He got what he needed and I’m at the ATM just getting some money out the ATM,” said Oliver.

While his brother had already walked out of the Valero gas station on Mabelvale Cutoff, Oliver was still inside waiting at the checkout.  

“I looked and seen the guy come into the store and so I heard him come in the store, but I didn’t look back, and the next thing I know I’m on the ground,” stated Oliver.

Oliver and the man in front of him at the checkout were both shot.

“I’m shot here (in the back left side), and it come out here (back right side). I’m lying on the ground, I see him lying beside me. He is choking on his own blood and he’s looking at me and I’m watching him take his last breath,” said Oliver.

Oliver had been shot in the back of the head, and the bullet was just inches away from serious injury.

“They (doctors) told me like an inch to the right, I could’ve been paralyzed for the rest of my life, an inch to the left, I could’ve died because it would’ve hit my main artery,” stated Oliver.

Oliver said he is in pain even when sweat drips down his face.

“You just don’t know man what that feels like,” said Oliver.

Alexis Oliver said he did know Davis Jones, the man being charged in this case.

“It could’ve been anybody but I’m glad they caught him and I hope that he like he understands what he done because he changed people’s lives forever,” said Oliver.

Oliver said this experience was terrifying.

“It done got to a point where you’re scared to go anywhere because you never know what’s going to happen,” stated Oliver.

He said coming home to his family was a joyous moment.

“I just thank the good Lord that I’m here,” said Oliver.

Oliver said he spoke Tuesday morning with the family of the guy that was shot and killed at the store and share his condolences with them.

He said he hopes the Mayor, Governor, and all city leaders can help figure out how to create change.