LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A shooting on the streets of Little Rock Thursday night found its way into the homes of innocent bystanders.

It happened half an hour before midnight near the corner of Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard and 31st Street. Three people all in their seventies or older woke up to bullets and gun smoke in their homes. Thankfully, none are injured.

Neale Zeringue spoke with one woman who had the closest call of the bunch. He joins us live from the Little Rock Police Headquarters.

Elizabeth Robinson’s home was shot three times, including one bullet that went through the 94-year-old’s living room and bedroom, taking the head off some of her decorations.

“I wasn’t thinking of it taking my head off, but I said thank God because they could have,” Robinson told our cameras.

She doesn’t consider herself lucky but blessed. Being feet away in bed, she called her son on the East Coast, and they found the bullet holes and shattered ceramics.

“He had to be concerned for you?”, reporter Neale Zeringue asked.

Robinson answered, “Yes. Concerned for leaving me here.”

Elizabeth Robinson has lived in the same home for 50 years, but she put a for sale sign in her front yard the morning after Thursday night’s shooting.

Police are looking for a suspicious vehicle caught on camera at the time of the shooting. What appeared to be a black Dodge Charger traveling Westbound on 31st Street making a U-turn at the intersection and going back where it came from.

 Robinson’s neighbor’s home was also shot once. The 94-year-old just prays that when she leaves Little Rock behind to be with her son, her friends stay out of harm’s way.

“I just thank God for keeping us safe. Continue to build a hedge of protection around us,” Robinson concluded.

No arrest had been made as of Friday evening. Detectives are hard at work to find who fired the shots scarring people’s homes and cars. If you have any information that can protect Mrs. Robinson and her neighbors call police.