GOULD, Ark. – Several people injured in Gould after people in the community said shots rang out early Sunday morning.

“It’s crazy….. is aunty,” said family member, Anthony Scruggs.

It’s a small town, known to the community as a place of fellowship, interrupted by the sound of gun shots.

“I got on the HWY 65 headed south and I saw all the police traffic over there and I looked over there and I figured something was going on,” said community member, Vergil Lee.

According to family members, “I just heard she got shot, her son shot her last night,” and “that’s my aunty that’s deceased,” said Scruggs.

It all happened in a home off Arkansas and Pope Street in Gould, and community members said there were at lease two women and one male injured.

“Somebody got shot and killed over there this morning, it was a relative involved in it and one of the relatives got killed. I don’t know if the relative did the shooting or what,” said Lee.

Family members said they are shocked by the news, and didn’t know of any prior situations that led up to the incident.

We have reached out to Arkansas State Police, but they told us they are still assessing the information.