Sheriff: Perry County jailer fired after letting inmate out to vape marijuana


PERRY COUNTY, Ark. – A Perry County jail employee has been fired and is now facing criminal charges after letting an inmate out to vape marijuana.

Sheriff Scott Montgomery said just after midnight on September 24 assistant jail administrator Abby Strange helped an inmate, Sandra Rappold, in leaving the detention center.

Investigators said Strange finished her shift, then disabled the alarms on Rappold’s cell door and passed her keys so the inmate could get out.

Deputies said after the two left the detention center, a dispatcher on duty noticed a system warning showing that a door was slightly open to the woman’s pod. When jail staffers went to check out the warning, they found Rappold gone.

Montgomery and his chief deputy immediately responded to the jail, by which time deputies had found both Strange and Rappold. Both women were arrested and returned to the detention center by authorities, with investigators noting that Strange had given Rappold a marijuana vape after her escape.

Authorities said Strange was fired from her job at the jail and is facing felony charges of impairing the operation of a vital public facility, first-degree permitting escape and furnishing, possessing, or using prohibited articles.

Rappold was charged with third-degree escape, deputies said.

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