SHANNON HILLS, Ark – Neighbors in Saline County hunkered down in their homes for two hours Monday morning after reports of an active shooter in the area.

Shannon Hills police and Saline County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the call around 6 a.m. Monday Morning on Laddie Drive.

41-year-old Stephen Lockwood has since been taken into custody as the suspected shooter. He is facing charges on several accounts including attempted murder.

“It was 5:50 a.m.,” said neighbor Zoe Gavin. “It was about 10 rounds. 5 minutes later, 10 more rounds. About 10 minutes later, 10 more rounds and it just kind of all started to unfold from there.”

Gavin lives in the area. She says when she woke up, she, her husband and their one-year-old rushed to a back room in their home with no windows. They say they waited there for about two hours before getting the all-clear.

“I was scared,” Gavin said. “A lot of school shootings have been going on and it really made you realize how those kids feel. It’s a wake-up call.”

Police say Lockwood was armed with an assault rifle and was shooting at cars passing by.

Chris Lash says he was passing by on his way home from work when he ran into Lockwood on Laddie Drive.

“As I was going by the house, he hollered at me and asked me who I was,” Lash said. “He shot at me and I took off.”

Lash says he pulled into his driveway down the street. He says his back window had been shot through.

“As I was running away from the truck, he shot at me and grazed the back of my neck, and I got some shrapnel on my cheek,” Lash said.

Lash was wearing a hoodie at the time that was shot through. He says the extra fabric near the hood may have been the only thing that saved him from a serious injury.

“It wasn’t nonstop, but he randomly took shots at everything but the birds,” Lash said.

The Saline County Sheriff said Lockwood was found in his backyard, armed.  Law enforcement says he tried to flee and was detained and taken into custody uninjured around 8 Monday morning.

Lockwood is facing charges for aggravated assault, attempted murder, possession of firearms, terroristic act, terroristic threatening and resisting arrest.