SALINE COUNTY, Ark. – Some in Saline County may have received questionable calls from someone claiming they have missed jury duty.

Scammers have been impersonating the Saline County Sheriff’s Office and telling county residents that they’ve missed jury duty and need to pay a sum of money over the phone or an arrest warrant will be issued for them.

“These calls are not originating from the Saline County Sheriff’s Office. You would never receive a call from our office threatening an arrest warrant or demanding lump sum payment for missing jury duty,” Saline County Sheriff Rodney Wright said.

Saline County Circuit Clerk Myka Bono Sample said if someone misses jury duty, they would receive a call from the Saline County Circuit Clerk’s Office at 501-303-1570, as instructed by the Circuit Court Judge. Summons for jury duty would also come from the same office.

Authorities ask anyone who receives a scam phone call to report it to the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office Consumer Protection Division at 800-482-8982.