SHERWOOD, Ark. – Law enforcement officials said an incident initially feared to be an active shooter event at a Sherwood hospital Wednesday morning was actually a targeted shooting involving two men who knew each other

In an afternoon news conference, Sherwood Police Department Chief Jeff Hagar said officers had Raymond Lovett, 24, in custody.

Lovett is a person of interest after the shooting death of Leighton Whitfield, 21, at CHI St. Vincent North. Hagar said Whitfield was on the fourth floor of the hospital visiting a patient at the time of the shooting.

Lovett was charged Wednesday night with capital murder and aggravated assault.

“This is not an act of terror,” Hagar explained. “The suspect and the victim knew each other.”

Police in Little Rock arrested Lovett at a gas station shortly after 11 a.m. after getting a tip on his location.

When asked why the public was not notified that a suspect was arrested earlier, Hagar said that even when officer believe they know a situation is over, they would still exercise caution until they know the public is safe.

During the news conference CHI St. Vincent CEO Chad S. Aduddell said several surgeries were underway in the hospital at the time the shooting was reported.

“The surgeries were underway and stayed underway,” Aduddell said, adding that surgeons were not at a point where they could be stopped.

Aduddell said other hospital employees responded based on the hospital’s active shooter training.