PINE BLUFF, Ark. – A Pine Bluff woman says she was beaten and robbed in her home earlier this week by someone she met on social media.

23-year-old Aoleon Wallace says the man who beat her left her with a broken nose, several stitches and swelling all over.

When looking at herself in the mirror, Wallace says “I don’t even recognize myself.”

She’s speaking out on her experience with hopes of preventing who did this to her from doing it to the next woman.

Monday, June 13, Wallace says she met a man on Facebook and invited him to her home, but when he arrived, things quickly became violent. 

“I thought he was going to kill me,” said Wallace. 

Wallace says the man tased her in the neck, followed by choking her. She reached for her gun for safety but says he took it and beat her in the head until she gave him her wallet. 

With tears running down her swollen eyes, Wallace says she blames herself for the pain she endures by letting a stranger into her home.

“Be careful who you talk to. Do your research,” Wallace said

“It’s a lot of women out here that go through what I went through, and I just want to get him off the streets, so he won’t hurt nobody else.”

The Pine Bluff Police Department says they have a suspect they are looking for and will provide updates when available.

But, with the suspect out there, Wallace stays with a friend as she fears to even be near her home. 

“I’m scared that if I even go back home he would pop back up,” said Wallace.

The trauma and flashbacks from June 13 have led to restless nights for Wallace. She was when she tries to sleep, she visions the man tasing and choking her. 

Wallace says she can’t stay in Arkansas after this incident. 

She plans to move back to her home state of California, but she has no money and all forms of identification were in her wallet.

There’s a GoFundMe page set up if you’d like to help.