PINE BLUFF, Ark. – A Jefferson County man has been found guilty on all charges related to his ex-wife’s death back in 2019.

Jeremy Scott senior was sentenced to 11 years for 2nd-degree murder in the death of Pamela Suggs.  

On September 7, 2019, Pamela Suggs was killed in a car crash by her ex-husband Jeremy Scott Sr. on 26th & Cherry Street directly across from the Cherry Street Liquor Store. 

Suggs crash is viewed as vehicular homicide.

Scott was charged with 2nd-degree murder (10 years), endangering the welfare of a minor (6 years), 2nd-degree domestic battery (3 years), and leaving the scene of a crash (1-year).

Scott was only sentenced to 11 years because the jury recommended all sentences run concurrently.

Robert Carl Smith, the uncle of Pamela Suggs says the family “felt relieved that he was being locked up but certainly we were not pleased with the sentencing time.”

The family and the police report said there is a history of domestic incidents between Scott Sr. and Suggs, leading the family to believe “it was straight murder” and not just a car accident.

“They only listed it as a vehicle homicide. They didn’t list it as a probability that she was dead before she got in the car,” said Smith.

 Because of the domestic violence between Scott Sr. and Suggs, Smith and Suggs’ family felt this should’ve prompted a deeper investigation.

 The Pine Bluff Police report says after the crash- Jeremy Scott Sr. took his son, who was in the car at the time, to his parent’s house on West 36th avenue, a mile, and a half from the accident.

 Suggs’ deceased body was left at the scene.

Police conducted a welfare check at the parents’ home and found Scott lying face down in the ground with his hands behind his back, telling officers he had killed his baby mama.

Smith says that since the murder of his niece, some days are okay, and some aren’t but “either way, we are glad that he is in jail.”