PINE BLUFF, Ark. – A shooting at a gas station Thursday may result in no arrests according to Pine Bluff Police. They say around noon a woman shot a man authorities describe as a regular “beggar”.

The shooting happened outside the Southern Edge Convenience Store on South Olive Street. The woman who pulled the trigger was taken to Pine Bluff Police Department and interviewed by detectives.

The man that was shot was taken to the hospital where he is expected to live.

Pine Bluff Police said the lady was getting gas when a man approached her begging for money. She eventually pulled a gun out of her car and shot him.

“I was painting over there and then all of a sudden, I heard cops coming down the interstate,” Paul Allred stated.

Paul was working next door when he said he saw around 20 unmarked cars start to pull into the Southern Edge Truck Stop.

“I didn’t know exactly what it was, but I knew it had to be something bad because then I seen some ambulances and some fire trucks coming.”

While Paul Allred was building, an act Paul saw as destructive happened next door.

“That’s a very very busy gas station. As you can tell this is a very busy road with Walmart being right here too. And that thing, bullets could have flew and hit anybody. You never know,” Allred said.

As of Thursday, the woman behind the trigger is not going to be arrested police say. She was questioned by detectives and the case is being sent to the Jefferson County prosecutor’s office for further investigation to see if charges will be filed.

Allred’s advice for anyone on either side of the situation is to “try to be a good person.”

The Southern Edge Truck Stop has security cameras, including at least one facing the pumps. They may provide the information that seems to be missing.

One question is how close the man got to the woman and if he did anything more than ask for money.

This is a developing story. Further updates are expected during the prosecutor’s investigation.