LITTLE ROCK, Ark – After 25 years, Arkansans are still searching for answers to Morgan Nick’s abduction.

“People love her and are fighting for her,” Morgan’s mother Colleen Nick said. “We appreciate that people have not forgotten about her.”

Tuesday, Colleen Nick stood calmly after a possible break in the case. The FBI named Bill J. Lincks a person of interest Tuesday.

“It’s not something that alarms our family just because for us this is just another person of interest in a long line of persons of interest,” Nick said.

Our station obtained documents from the Van Buren Police Department linking the now deceased Bill Lincks to attempted child abduction.

A report from the department dated August 30,1995 states Lincks attempted to lure an 11-year-old to his house mentioning sexual acts.

According to the report, an 11-year-old girl and her two younger brothers were eating outside a Sonic when Lincks pulled up in a red pickup truck. The Sonic is just eight miles from the baseball field where Nick was abducted.

The report says the driver, later identified as Lincks lured the children to a nearby Alley where he then offered the girl money to come home with him.

The report says the girl then ran off and told a Sonic employee to call the police.

After running a criminal background check, police found Lincks was placed on a suspended sentence for sexual abuse of a young girl in 1992.

Including the incident in 1995, that makes two reported incidents.

A search warrant for Linck’s red pickup was issued. In Morgan Nick’s case, Alma Police also searched for the owner of a red truck.

The FBI would not confirm if Linck’s red pickup was the same Alma Police were searching for or if it was the reason he’s named a person of interest.

Linck’s died in prison in 2000 but police are still trying to learn more about the man.

“We know that he was born in Crawford County, we know that he spent time in the United States Army and then later in Dallas,” Connor Hagan with Little Rock FBI said.

The Nicks say they aren’t getting their hopes up, instead of looking at the person of interest naming it as a step to more answers.

Anyone with any information on Lincks is asked to call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI