NWA Man Kidnaps & Brutally Tortures Pregnant Woman for Several Days, Police Say

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SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA) – A Springdale man imprisoned and brutally beat a pregnant woman repeatedly over the course of multiple days. The woman may lose her baby as a result of the torture, Springdale police said.

Jackson Rodriguez-Robles, 35, was arrested near his apartment in the 1000 block of Palisades in Springdale on suspicion of kidnapping, first-degree domestic battery, aggravated assault on a household or family member, first-degree terroristic threatening, possession of a firearm by certain persons, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, theft by receiving of a firearm and multiple drug complaints, according to a police report.

Police were called to the apartment Monday after receiving word from a “reliable source” that Rodriguez-Robles had kidnapped a woman and was holding her against her will, according to the report.

When police arrived at the apartment at around noon, the suspect jumped out of the second story window at the back of the apartment and fled across the street into the yard of a neighboring house. He then jumped a fence into a pasture and fled west until he was caught by an officer pursuing him, the report states.

Detectives and officers searched the apartment to locate the woman.

“A severely beaten female was found upstairs in the apartment,” the report states. “Both of her eyes were blackened and swollen nearly completely shut. Her face was swollen and purple, and her lips were swollen making it difficult for her to speak.”

The woman shook uncontrollably as police helped her downstairs.

“Detectives noted some of her fingers appeared to have been bent/and or broken as if she had been tortured,” the report states. “The victim hysterically cried and stated Rodriguez had held her against her will since Friday.”

The woman became calm after she was reassured that Rodriguez-Robles was captured. She told detectives that she was pregnant and that Rodriguez-Robles knew it. She said he “purposefully punched” her repeatedly in the stomach. She then showed detectives bruising on her abdomen, the report states.

“The victim stated Rodriguez beat her for several days with his fists and with a pistol, and that he told her he would kill her, or have her killed,” the report states.

The woman was taken to a hospital after she complained of severe stomach pain.

Detectives continued interviewing the woman at the hospital. She said that she arrived in the United States from Puerto Rico on Friday, Dec. 7, and that Rodriguez-Robles picked her up at the airport.

The woman said Rodriguez-Robles accused her of cheating on him in Puerto Rico as he drove her from the airport to Springdale. She said the argument continued at Rodriguez-Robles’ apartment and it escalated into physical violence, according to the report.

The woman told detectives that Rodriguez-Robles battered her head, face, arms, hands, stomach, legs and feet with his fists, a pistol, knife-sharpening rod, wire coat hanger and beer bottle(s). She said this physical abuse started Friday night and went on all day Saturday, all day Sunday and into Monday morning. She said on several occasions he packed his fist with a blue lighter before punching her, according to the report.

The woman said Rodriguez-Robles would give her drugs for pain over the course of the beatings, according to the report.

The woman also said that Rodriguez-Robles used a knife to cut off chunks of her hair, the report states.

The woman said Rodriguez-Robles kept her trapped in the apartment during the entire ordeal, the report states.

Doctors who examined the woman found that she had multiple fractures to her nose, but no other broken bones, the report states.

“According to the doctors, the victim’s baby was still viable as of this report, but losing the baby is still a possibility,” the report states.

Police searched the apartment and found blood splatter on walls inside, as well as several paper towels and pieces of clothing covered in blood. Dried blood was also found on a toilet and in a tub. A mop and bucket of bleach water was found in the apartment, and it appeared that someone had tried to “clean up the crime scene,” the report states.

Rodriguez-Robles told police that he did not know how the woman suffered her injuries. He then admitted to selling drugs and said he had been up for several days consuming Xanax, smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, according to the report.

Police continued searching the apartment and found a cell phone that had a recently recorded video of Rodriguez-Robles and the woman in the apartment.

“In the video, Rodriguez-Robles can be heard screaming and cursing at the victim, and the victim can be heard crying and in obvious distress. At several points in the video, loud smacks can be heard, followed by shrieks from the victim, indicating she was actively being hit violently by Rodriguez,” the report states.

Detectives told Rodriguez-Robles that it was him in the video beating the woman. Rodriguez-Robles then started punching himself to the point that he had to be restrained. He then said he did not remember the incident from the video, according to the report.

Detectives then found a video of Rodriguez-Robles screaming at the woman while firing a handgun as she screamed in terror, the report states.

Rodriguez-Robles was booked into the Washington County Detention Center.

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