NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Investigators have released the identity of a teen shot during an incident in North Little Rock Thursday evening and shared more details on the case.

North Little Rock Police Department officials said the victim is 18-year-old Benjamin Redix from White Hall, who was set to graduate on Friday.

When officers arrived at the 5800 Block of Lynch Drive at 11 p.m. they said they found Redix lying on the ground next to a car with gunshot wounds to his back and chest. The teen was pronounced dead at the scene.

The police report states that when officers found Redix a second individual, 17-year-old Jimari Douglas, “was running around stating ‘he is gone.’” In an interview at the Criminal Investigations Division, Douglas told investigators he accidentally shot his friend, Redix.

The report continues that Douglas told investigators he was sitting in the car’s back seat as they were driving and “stripping down” a gun “when it accidentally went off, striking the victim [Redix] in the back,” according to the police report.

“The victim stopped the car at which time Douglas exited the vehicle, pulling the victim out and began providing medical attention,” the report states.

Douglas told police he threw the gun into a field when the car stopped. Investigators said the pair were driving back after attending Douglas’s high school graduation.

A third person, unnamed in the police report, was in the front passenger seat when the incident occurred.

Douglas was arrested by NLRPD at the time of the incident. Officers say he is facing manslaughter charges, a class C felony. Department officials said the deputy prosecutor told police Douglas will be charged as an adult and assigned a June 13 court date.