LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – New details tonight on a story we just reported 24 hours ago involving a Glenwood man accused of raping 31 children.

Last night, we reported on 58-year-old Barry Walker who faces 13 new charges this week related to child sexual assault.

KARK 4 News has confirmed through sources Walker was a doctor in Fort Smith until he was arrested in 1999 for sexual misconduct with a child.

This led to his license being revoked and him serving time in prison, but he is now accused of even more sexual misconduct.

“Any type of crime involving an innocent child is horrible, but to the magnitude of what we’re investigating and the amount… it is a difficult case,” Clark County Sheriff Jason Watson said.

Walker now faces 34 felony charges, and 33 of them involve rape allegations and various computer crimes related to those allegations, according to Clark County prosecutor Dan Turner.

According to affidavits, Walker admitted to raping three victims in Clark County and one in Pike County.

Based on the number of charges, Watson said he is concerned there are more victims.

“We just hope that anybody that remembers anything, whether it’s a minor detail that they might not think is important, please reach out,” he said.

Walker is due in court Thursday, September 8 in Clark County. He is also due in court in Pike County Friday, September 9.