NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Police are investigating how and why someone took a man’s life Friday afternoon. The deadly shooting happened in the middle of the day at the West Scenic Apartments on West Scenic Drive.

Late Friday afternoon, Lieutenant Amy Cooper said detectives are investigating a person of interest who was involved in this shooting. Several others people were interviewed because there were so many at the apartment complex when the gun went off.

“I heard shots. Went in the house and got down,” remembered Nehemiah Gilliam.

Gilliam also lives at the West Scenic Apartments near the M building where the shooting occurred. He and his neighbors called North Little Rock Police for help, but when officers arrived they found a man shot. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“I’m tired of seeing people dying on the curbs. It’s not good,” Gilliam expressed.

Friday was not the first time Gilliam has called police for shootings outside his door. Both he and North Little Rock police hope this time was the last.

Lt. Amy Cooper told our station at the scene, “It’s just terrible and tragic when someone dies by violence, so we would hope if anything were to come to that point, take the time to cool off and hope that it doesn’t end in tragedy.”

Gilliam urged, “Put down the guns. It’s time to just. help people and love one another.”

After seeing his neighbors leave in an ambulance and never returning, Gilliam says West Scenic Drive won’t be his home much longer either.

“I’m thinking about buying a new home,” Gilliam said, “Moving out of this community because you know it’s not bad but it could be better.”

Police say the shooting appears to be an isolated crime where everyone knew each other, but they are asking for more information from the public.

If you have it, contact the North Little Rock tip line at 501-680-8439 or Detective Coburn at 501-771-7155. You can remain anonymous.