SHERWOOD, Ark. – On Saturday, Friends and family remembered two teens’ Marcus Blue and Alex Berry who were killed in North Little Rock this time last year.

Many people came out to honor their life and memory with a balloon release Saturday afternoon. 

On November 11, 2022, North Little Rock Police Department responded to a call at the 3900 block of McCain Boulevard regarding shots fired.

Officials with the department said officers found 17-year-old Marcus Blue of North Little Rock and 17-year-old Alex Berry of Little Rock were shot and killed.

Keysha Moore mother of Alex Berry and Roslyn William mother of Marcus Blue both came together in Sherwood with their family to honor their sons lives who they say were more like brothers than best friends so much so they had their own nickname “blueberry”. 

“I miss them so much,” Moore said.

Moore said this year has been painful with still no answers in the case. 

“It’s really hurtful and my heart is very broken that someone would do this to them and we still don’t have any arrest made in this case,” Moore stated.

Roslyn Williams who is Marcus Blue’s mother said they strongly believe someone knows something. 

“We’re praying and hoping that they do come forward but if not we hope the North Little Rock Police Department does their job and gets those involved,” Williams stated.

They both say their sons were two old souls with a loving personality.

“They were funny, they loved to fish like who goes fishing every day,” Williams said.

They say they only got through this year because of their family being around them and will never give up seeking justice for their sons. 

Anyone who has information about the case is asked to call the North Little Rock Police Department.