CONWAY, Ark. – Conway Police are investigating an early morning homicide where they say a 25-year-old woman was found shot dead in her vehicle outside a home.

It happened on the 300 block of Reedy Road in Conway early Monday morning. So far, no one is in custody.

“My mom was hysterical in tears, and she told me there had been an accident at the house involving my brother’s best friend and that my bother had found her outside unresponsive,” said Shermal Bunch.

Conway Police PIO Lacey Kanipe confirmed the victim was shot multiple times. She said despite neighbors saying they heard gunshots around 3 a.m., no one called 911 until about 10:00 that morning.

Bunch said the victim often came to her brother’s parent’s home and at times would fall asleep in her car, so when her family saw her at first, they did not think anything of it. She said when her brother walked up to the vehicle and saw her unresponsive, he then knew something was wrong.

“She wasn’t like a troublemaker so we don’t know who would want to do something like this to her,” Bunch said.

Kanipe said police are still working to identify potential suspects.

“Any help from the community is always greatly appreciated,” she said. “If you know anything about it, if you have information, please call our criminal investigations division.”