LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Little Rock Police say the victim who was shot and killed at a gas station Tuesday afternoon was “not involved in the incident.” 

LRPD was called to the Road Runner on Broadway Tuesday following reports of shots fired. 

When officers arrived, they say they found the victim shot and killed. He was pronounced dead at the scene by MEMS.

LRPD has arrested 22-year-old Antwone Alford in connection to the homicide. He is now facing second-degree murder charges. 

“This is not right, it’s not normal,” said Heather Wright who lives in Downtown Little Rock.  “We shouldn’t have to be fearful about going to get gas or letting our kids ride our bikes down the street because of a stray bullet.”

Wright says she was disappointed to hear there had been another shooting in the Capital City. 

“It’s terrible,” said Wright. 

Tuesday’s homicide was one of three shootings on the same day in the Little Rock and North Little Rock area. 

Some Little Rock natives say the violence is getting out of hand. 

“It’s happening at the most usual places and the most odd times when you got a lot of people around,” said Tracy Steele who lives in North Little Rock. 

LRPD announced Wednesday the victim was not part of the shooting but caught in the line of fire. 

“Innocent people are being hurt because of a dispute someone has with someone else,” said Steele. 

Some say Little Rock has become numb to the violence. 

“Being in it so deep is part of the problem,” said Wright. 

Wright says she wants to see change before more people get hurt. 

“I’m angry, something needs to happen and when enough people get angry about it maybe something good will happen,” said Wright. 

LRPD has not released any additional information about the victim.