LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A Little Rock woman said 2022 got off to a rough start when New Year’s Eve celebrations went too far in her neighborhood.

Gwen Combs lives in Hillcrest, and she said she woke at midnight amid celebratory fireworks going off. The Air Force veteran said she noticed gunfire.

“It was loud,” Combs said. “It was obvious something had hit our house. We heard firing. It sounded like a warzone.”

The next day, Combs said she found a bullet lodged in her deck and damage to her home’s siding where it ricocheted.

“The wood is cracked around [the bullet],” Combs said. “It’s really buried in there deep.”

Combs said she hears gunshots in Little Rock frequently, but this came too close for comfort. The bullet missed her bedroom by a matter of feet.

Gwen Combs shows where a bullet struck her home.

Combs reached out to city leaders, she said.

“I did get a response, and I know they plan to discuss it tomorrow when they’re back at work,” Combs said.

When police came Sunday, officers couldn’t dig the bullet out of her deck because it was so deeply lodged. Combs said they’re calling this a criminal mischief case.

“Maybe people will think before they discharge their weapon into the air, into the sky and not do it anymore,” Combs said.

Combs said she hopes people will celebrate in less dangerous ways.