LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – On December 17, 2016, at the intersection of Mabelvale and Chicot in Little Rock, Kim King-Macon heard horns honking at her, which was followed by a gunshot.

“I thought he shot in the air. I looked back and the gun was pointed in the air,” King-Macon. “I looked back and said, “are you all okay?” I thought Acen said umm-hmm.”

The driver was Kim King-Macon who didn’t realize until she made it to JC Penny at the Shackelford Crossings that Acen King, her 3-year-old grandson had been shot.

King-Macon said when she made it to JC Penny, she got out of the car and noticed the bullet hole in her trunk. 

“I said God please let my baby be okay,” King-Macon remembered. “When I opened the door, blood was just girding out of his mouth.”

King-Macon says It took two years for her to find the strength to return to the JC Penny parking lot. 

“I still remember everything, but I guess I’m thinking more of the good times.” King-Macon continued

On November 2nd, 2022 Acen King would’ve celebrated 9 years of life.

King-Macon says she can only imagine the type of conversation her grandson and the Lord are having right now.

Gary Holmes was sentenced to 45 years for the murder of Acen. He’s serving a total of 50 years after additional charges were added.

“I do feel that he got justice, but I do feel sorry for Mr. Holmes as well,” King-Mason stated. 

She says she doesn’t hate the man who took her grandbaby from this earth because of a moment at trial.

At the trial, she says Holmes “turned around and said to me before his sentencing “I’m sorry. Will you please forgive me? “

Her connection with her lord and savior grew stronger following the tragedy, which she says is what kept her sane throughout the 6 years. 

“If you know anything about God, you’ve got to forgive…you have to,” King-Macon said.

Just like she built the strength to return to JC Penny, King-Macon hopes to one day be strong enough to visit Gary Holmes in prison. 

She wants to tell him to his face that he is forgiven.