LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A chaotic Sunday afternoon as residents rushed out of their apartments to the sounds of gunfire.

Police said they went to go do a wellness check at apartment complex The Villas on 65th Street.

They said when they arrived, there was a person, later identified as James Mosby, who was yelling.

Police said the officers tried to deescalate the scene, they said Mosby pulled out a handgun and fired several times at the officers.

The officers returned fire and Mosby was hit.

Residents at the apartment complex said this is nothing new.

“It’s terrible,” resident, Jenney Puckett said.

It’s a sound residents at the Villas on 65th said they hear too often.

“It’s almost every night there are shootings here every night there is gun fire,” Puckett said.

Jenny Puckett has lived at the apartments with her daughter and four grandkids around two months.

Puckett said safety concerns are always top of mind.

“It says on the leases that kids are not allowed outside without a parent outside, you can’t let them walk outside without a parent standing there watching them,” Puckett stated.

Sunday afternoon Little Rock Police were called out to check on the condition of a subject.

Sometime later, Police said two shots were fired, three officers were involved and the person shot was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

When Jenny Puckett got the news of the officer involved shooting, she said she was actually surprised.

“I’ve never lived anywhere like this and I lived in the worst parts of Benton, I’m from Saline county originally, it’s horrible,” Puckett stated.

Also, that she had never seen such a large police presence.

“I mean I have seen lots of police officers here but they are all the way around the building, all the way back here. I’ve never seen that,” Puckett said.

Little Rock Police said Mosby was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and has now been treated and placed back into police custody.

The investigation is still ongoing.