LITTLE ROCK, Ark – A string of violence in the Capital City this weekend leaves many in the area speechless.

Little Rock Police, Pulaski County Sheriffs, and Arkansas State Police are investigating more than a dozen incidents over the weekend that left at least three dead.

“It was kind of unreal you know, everything unfolded so fast,” said Jamocha Price.

Price lives in the Roosevelt, State Street neighborhood. He says he walked out his door Sunday to find his street covered in cop cars, just part of the violence this weekend.

“You know something bad happened,” said Price.

With more than a dozen shootings in two days, community leaders say something has got to give.

“We’re trying to let one arm operate what the whole body needs to operate,” said Chris Carrigan with Stop the Violence.

Carrigan and his team say it’s time everyone works together to put an end to the violence.

He says it starts with adding more to the force.

“Right now, they know there is a shortage, and they just take advantage of it,” said Carrigan.

Carrigan says there needs to be more police patrols in the neighborhood, preventing crime before it happens.

Others say they’ve lost hope.

“I know it’s a sad thing to say but you know we kind of get desensitized to it with so many going on,” said Price.

Neighbors say they’re looking for answers.

“The way it looks, I don’t know. Something drastic needs to happen,” said Price.

Little Rock reported 51 homicides in the city so far this year.