LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – According to Little Rock police, there’s been a significant rise in car break-ins experienced this past week, but they are making progress to stop that.

Tuesday, the Little Rock Police Department arrested 10 people they said they believe broke into cars, but they also say there are more suspects out there and more arrests are to come.

It’s tough to hear for one person living in Hillcrest. He chose to interview anonymously and said according to his neighbors they only seem to be looking for one thing.

“Based on the neighbors’ conversations we’ve had it just seems like they were after weapons of some sort, and not really after money or prescription drugs or anything that were left in vehicles,” he said.

He said he is out $750 after his security cameras caught the moment Tuesday morning when windows on two of his family’s cars were smashed. In and out in less than 30 seconds, a group of thieves pilfered through the console and glove box but took nothing.

He said he installed the cameras just the day before because of what had already happened down the street.

“Every couple of days they seem to be coming through the neighborhood,” he said. “It’s a bit frustrating because we’re doing all we can to protect our homes and property, but it doesn’t seem like there’s anything we can do to stop them in the act.”

Down the street, John Erwin said he has had an even rougher week.

“Our car was hit twice in the span of less than a week,” Erwin said. “The same window.”

Erwin said the whole thing has made him feel violated. It also put a dent in his pocketbook. Erwin had two cars targeted but the one left unlocked was unharmed.

His community is thankful for the news that Little Rock police arrested 10 people they believe responsible for the damage and 62 other incidents involving one or more vehicles. However, many don’t feel safe just yet with some suspects still on the street.

“There’s a really great police presence here, but you can’t watch everything every minute,” Erwin said.

Little Rock Police Department officials stated Tuesday they are planning for higher visibility in communities going into the final weeks of 2023. The members of the Hillcrest community that KARK 4 News spoke with said they are noticing it already through their surveillance cameras.

A patrol came through not five minutes before the surveillance video the man not wishing to be identified provided. That video and others helped play a role in the investigation, so the community recommends them even if they didn’t stop these thieves in the moment.